Activities of SJJ Charity Fund

Some of the noteworthy activities presently undertaken are as under:

  • Managing Parsee Ward (with 45 inmates) at Sir J J Hospital, Mumbai
  • Under Sir J J 150th Death Anniversary Medical Scheme for Parsee Senior Citizens & Patients with Chronic Diseases, the fund has, since April 2009, disbursed financially to more than 800 claimants
  • All expense paid Annual Pilgrimage to Iransha Atash Behram, Udvada, for Parsee Senior Citizens from lower income groups
  • Maintenance and upkeep of our 4 Agiaries in Pune, Navsari, Surat, and Adajan. [Agiaries in Pune and Navsari are managed by sister Trusts]
  • Managing Sir J J Dharamshala, Udvada, Sir J J Sanitarium, Khandala, Sir J J Sanatorium Maneck Baug, Pune and Jamshed Baug, Navsari.
  • Sir J J Memorial Museum, Navsari
  • Over the last 10 years, Sir J J Foundation [a secular sister Trust], has donated handsomely towards Medical & Educational Aid and for Relief of Poverty
  • Ongoing Donations to various Educational & Charitable Institutions.